3: Inside Out

changeAbout twenty minutes after she left, Jen returned to my home… with Leon. He marched into my lounge room, blustering and bristling and carrying on a treat about the ridiculous nature of his visit…and then he turned the corner.

At the sight of me sitting in shocked silence, his demeanour immediately changed. Gone was the indignation in his tone, he was suddenly on the defensive.

“Amelia, Amelia!” He yelled in my face. “You can’t tell me you actually believe this?” I simply stared at him. He ranted the same question, over and over.

Eventually I looked at him and said, “Tell me why Ruby would make this up, she loves you?” There was a small part of me that wanted him to be able to give me a logical answer, even though in my heart and head I knew there wasn’t going to be one. He just raved incoherently.

Then I looked him in the eye and said, “Actually, tell me how…tell me how Ruby could make this up if it wasn’t happening to her?” At that, he went quiet. He said he was feeling faint and needed a drink. I quietly asked them to leave. I was done.

As he walked out the door I noticed that his shirt was on inside out. It seemed so ridiculous at the time and I now realise that it was actually a reflection of what had happened to life as we knew it that morning…it was turned inside out.

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